How to clear out previous progress in a LabSim course

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There are two ways the progress or reports can be cleared from a student's account for a specific LabSim product.

Teachers and students can contact TestOut support or the teachers can do it themselves.

  1.  Contact TestOut Support via phone, chat, or email ( Tell us the name of the student, the TestOut product name and version number of which you want to clear their progress, and tell the date before which we should clear all progress (for example, you could tell us to clear everything done by the student before 8/20/2019.
  2.  Teachers can do it for a whole class at a time.

a. Log into your teacher account.

b. Click on the name of your class that has the old scores you want cleared. (Click the name of the class in blue, not the checkbox next to the class)

c. Click the little blue edit pencil near the top of the page, next to the name of the class

d. Click Clear Scores

e. Select the product/versions

f. Select the date before which you want all scores for the class wiped out. (Picking a date a week or two before the class actually begins is a good guideline.)

g. Click Clear