What are the system requirements for the TestOut software?

Scott Christensen -


Note: Courses may run on computers not meeting listed specifications, but slowness or unresponsiveness may occur. Click here for detailed information and troubleshooting.

Helpful Links:  
How to find system specifications  
The Importance of the CPU

* TestOut LabSim products built before 2015 relied on Microsoft Silverlight, an extension which is no longer supported by most browsers.  The only supported browsers for both Microsoft Silverliight and these courses are Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 8+.  

Microsoft Silverlight is a LabSim system requirement for TestOut Server Pro 2012 products, Windows Server 2008 products, and certain other older courses.  Silverlight must be installed on your computer prior to launching a lab simulation in one of these LabSim Products. Click here for more information.