Reset Zoom Settings

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This article explains steps to fix display problems where the bottom of the page appears to be cut off and where black boxes sometimes appear on the screen.



Insure your browser Zoom setting is set to the default 100%.  In every browser, a default method to change your zoom setting is to single click within the window so it has focus. Then hold down the Ctrl key and press zero, or hold Ctrl and press the minus key, or hold Ctrl and scroll down with your mouse wheel. If that doesn't work, you'll need to adjust the settings for your browser manually. Before continuing, close all your tabs/windows then open a new window and go to Next, scroll down in this page to find your browser and follow the steps for it.

Internet Explorer

   1.Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

   2. Select Zoom, then select 100%.


  1. Click the three bars in the top right corner and then adjust the zoom with the + or - buttons.



1. Click the Customize & Control Icon.

   2. Set Zoom to 100%.


1. Click the menu icon.

   2. Select Zoom, and select Actual Size.