Recovering forgotten usernames or passwords

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It is easy to lose track of a password. LabSim provides a way to recover your username or password, even if you don't remember your username.

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When you realize you have forgotten your username or password navigate to (, click on Login Help, then follow these steps:

  • Enter the email address that is tied to your account. This could be your personal email or it could be a school email so try a few until you find the correct email. If you don't remember the email tied to your account, but remember the username, you can also enter that here.
  • At this point you can choose to get a temporary password emailed to you (it will only be sent to the email tied to the account so you must have access to that email) or you can choose to answer your security questions. You may remember a time when you logged on and LabSim forced you to choose questions and answers, this is the purpose that served. Upon answering the questions correctly, LabSim will log you in.
  • If you have tried this process and still can't get logged in, please contact LabSim Technical Support at 800-877-4889, option 2, or We also provide chat support, available at