TestOut Pro Exam Certificates - Not Opening in Browser

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On occasion a teacher, student, or other LabSim user is unable to download certificates for on of the TestOut Pro Certification Exams.


Certificates are generated in PDF format. Within each browser these PDFs will be generated as a pop-up within a new tab. Therefore, most of the time the issue is resolved by allowing popups within your respective browser. The below information will attempt to address allowing pop-ups within each of the three browsers on which LabSim is supported (See the list of supported browsers for your specific LabSim course listed under you My Products list)

  • Google Chrome - If pop-ups are blocked within Chrome, when you click the Download link (with LabSim) towards the upper right corner of the browser you will see a "Pop-up Blocked" message. This message has a red X icon next to it. If you click this X, a menu will appear from which you will be able to select an "Always allow pop ups from labsim.testout.com" option. As a result of pop-ups being allowed, the PDF certificates can be generated.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) - If pop-ups are blocked within IE, when you click the Download link (within LabSim) you will receive the following notification: "Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from cdn.testout.com." The Notification Bar will allow you to choose 'Allow Once' or, within 'Options for this site' you can choose 'Always allow' to always allow pop-ups to be allowed from cdn.testout.com. As a result of pop-ups being allowed, the PDF certificates can be generated.

While it is possible that related pop-up messages within your specific browser may differ from the above, the general feature functionality of allowing pop-ups from *.testout.com should function the same within any browser version.  For specific information on enabling pop-up blockers in all supported browsers click here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us here in Support via any of the following options: