A lab is not passing correctly - General guide to passing lab simulations

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Occasionally, despite multiple attempts to complete a lab simulation, a student is unable to successfully complete all or part of the required tasks.  


Careful comparison between any given labs Scenario, Task Summary, and Explanation often yields additional information, and/or clues for successful completing of lab simulations.

Contained within the Explanation there are outlined steps an expert might take to complete the required tasks. While each of these numbered steps may not contain every detail that the user needs to accomplish, combining these steps with information contained within the Scenario, Task Summary, and within the lab itself (such as information provided in a diagram) will result in the user having all needed information to complete tasks

Keep in mind that functioning within a lab simulation and within a fully functional Windows operating system is close to the same thing. However, within the fully functional Windows operating system there are in most cases multiple ways to accomplish any given task than what will be programmed into LabSim lab simulations. Again, pay close attention to information contained within the given labs Scenario, Task Summary, and Explanation for additional information needed to complete required tasks.

Where to look for help

Once you have clicked the "Done" button within a Lab Simulation you will be presented with the "Score Report" dialog.  This report shows your task and score results as well as step by step instructions for completing the lab.  This dialog can be printed by clicking the "printer" icon at the top right of the dialog.  The steps can then be used as a guide in successfully completing the Lab.  Students in need of additional assistance or tutoring with completing lab assignments should contact their teacher/instructor. If the instructor is then unable to complete the lab, he/she may contact TestOut's support team for assistance.

Support can be reached via any of the following methods:

-Telephone: 800-877-4889, Option 2
-Email: support@testout.com
-Chat: www.testout.com