Printing TestOut Exam Questions

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Is there any way to get a written copy of the TestOut exams?


Yes you can print the section exams from the Exam Report dialog found at the end of the Exam.

  • Launch the course and launch the exam you would like to print 
  • Complete the exam and score the exam. 
  • In the Exam Report dialog, click the "Individual Responses" radio button
  • expand each question under the Individual Responses list by clicking on the "Corret" or "Incorrect" link.
  • Click the "Print" button

Additional Comments

If the 'Print' button is not present, your LabSim system administrator has disabled exam printing.  The LabSim Administrator would need to enable exam printing in the company or campus settings.  Be aware that this will enable any user that is a member of the company or campus to print the exams/answer keys.