Missing scores and how to avoid them

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Problem: After completing work within LabSim, a student logs back into LabSim and the green checkmarks and scores in the gradebook are gone, as if they were never completed.

Explanation: While LabSim runs in a student’s browser, score data is sent back to the Testout database/server. Ordinarily, these scores are exchanged between the browser and TestOut’s servers without any issue; however, it is possible for an error to occur which could prevent the scores from successfully being communicated back to our servers. In case of such an error, we give a warning not to close the browser tab or window when a student attempts to do so. If a student then closes the window or browser, his/her scores may be lost; however, even if this type of unusual error does occur, score loss can be avoided by hitting the Logout button (before closing out of LabSim) and manually sending the command data to support@testout.com, as prompted by the browser.

If a student notices that their score data is missing after logging in to LabSim, those scores likely did not reach our database. TestOut Support is unable to retrieve scores that have not been recorded in our database. Students are encouraged to take the below steps to avoid future score loss and to coordinate with their instructors to determine how to proceed forward regarding the missing scores. TestOut cannot insert scores for students without written authorization from the student’s instructor, therefore, students should work directly with their instructors regarding scores, credit, and grading for their class.


The following things may increase the likelihood of this type of score loss:

  • Closing a laptop, or letting the computer sleep or hibernate for a period of time while logged into LabSim.
  • Losing network connectivity for a period of time while logged into LabSim
  • Firewalls or security settings interfering with cdn.testout.com or webservices.testout.com may hamper scores being relayed back to the server.
  • Leaving the LabSim tabs inactive in your browser for days at a time and never closing the browser, offers plenty of time for the browser, computer, or network to possibly encounter an error that may contribute to score loss.
  • We have noticed that Safari users report score loss more often than users of other browsers. If you experience score loss while using Safari, try using another browser to see if the problem goes away.


To avoid lost scores, please follow these best practices:

  • Whenever users are done actively working within LabSim, they should use the Logout button to safely end their session. (The Logout button is found under the “Welcome” drop down menu on the TestOut LabSim home screen)


  • Avoid putting your computer to sleep or closing the laptop while LabSim is active in the browser.
  • Make sure that testout.com and webservices.testout.com are not blocked by Firewall or security settings on the computer and network.
  • Occasionally restarting your browser and/or your computer, may reduce the chance of errors developing.