Labs and exams not available in Chrome (Silverlight issue) - Workaround using IE Tab

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As of Sept. 2015, Chrome no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight is an NPAPI plugin which we use in some of our older courses, and such plugins are gradually being supported by fewer and fewer browsers. IE 11 and Safari still support Silverlight but Firefox, Chrome, and Edge do not. There is, however, a work-around via a Chrome extension that allows Internet Explorer to be simulated from within the Chrome browser. (See work-around below)

When clicking on a LabSim product that uses Silverlight, you will get the following message:

If you click "Launch without Labs or Exams" and then proceed to a lab, you would see the below message.



Use Internet Explorer 11 or Safari to use these TestOut products or use the following workaround for Chrome.

Work-around (Windows only):

IE Tab is a free third-party extension that can be used to simulate Internet Explorer within Chrome. It is neither endorsed nor supported by TestOut, but is simply presented as an option. Use at your own risk.

(See video guide at the bottom of this page or follow the step by step guide below.)

While in Chrome, go to the below URL, click ADD TO CHROME, and click Add extension.


You will then see this icon  in the top right area of your Chrome window. Click it and you will see a page asking you to install the IE Tab Helper. Click on the Installer and Run it.


Next, right click on the  icon and select Options. Then, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the IE11 Standard Edge Mode radial button.

You will get the below message. Click OK and then completely close Chrome.


Then go back to, click login and click on the icon to open a simulated IE tab. Proceed to login to LabSim like normal.

For a video tutorial, see the attached .mp4 file or follow this link.

For Silverlight troubleshooting, click here.