Web browser shows "Not Secure" message - Is TestOut.com secure?

Scott Christensen -

In TestOut’s case, only some of the information needs to be secured. For example, the username, password, account data, score data; These are all secured using HTTPS.  TestOut currently chooses to load the LabSim interface without HTTPS security, which prevents the lock/secure symbol from showing in the browser URL, but allows us to pick and choose the security level for all other communications. We use HTTPS security for account data as listed above, but not for content such as video files, question files, etc.

Browsers are changing their notifications to users and making messages such as "Not Secure" much more visible.  Because of the concern this causes our customers, TestOut is evaluating options on how to approach the messages browsers are giving when working on our site.  Until such time as changes are made that will eliminate the browser security messages, TestOut customers can rest assured that their personal information and data is being transmitted in a secure method.